Once your order has been placed, your refill bottle is filled and shipped to you in a reusable envelope containing a reply-paid label. Once you've used your product and emptied your refill bottle, simply place it back into the same envelope, attach the label provided, and drop it into your local post office. Remember, return shipping is on us! no need to pay.  


Upon recieving your bottle/s, we will send you a notification via email to prompt you to visit our website and re-order your refill. It's that easy!


Please note: Your first refill order will include the one-off cost of your New Nalgene refill bottle. If you are refilling for the first time, select "1st time refiller" at checkout. This nalgene refill bottle is now yours to refill as many times as you like! Each order after that, you will need to enter "Return refiller" to apply the discount for your nalgene refill bottle. 




Pure Liquid Castile Hand & Body (Unscented) 1Litre refill

  • Pure Liquid Castile Hand & Body Soap

    Our 100% natural unscented Castile Liquid Soap is a highly concentrated formula which can be used as a substitue for a multitude of products.


    Traditionally formulated from the purest vegetable oils this natural foaming cleanser is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.


    Not tested on animals and no animal ingredients. Vegan friendly.


    • No synthetic frangrances or harsh detergents
    • No Sulphates
    • No GMO ingredients
    • No mineral phosphate
    • No Palm oil
    • Gluten Free



    Use as handsoap, bodywash, shampoo, dogwash in its concentrated form - Remember a little goes a very long way, so only a small amount in the palm of your hand will do the job. 



    Filtered rainwater, potassium soap made from oils of coconut, sunflower, olive and avocado. retained glycerin.


    Shipping Info

    Online refills are shipped in a high quality, BPA, BPS and Phthalate free Nalgene Tritan bottle which is safe, durable, leak proof and shatter-proof making it our best option for online refilling. These bottles are capable of hundreds of refills and washes, which ensures that they will serve the refilling loop for years to come! 


    We use OPACK reusable shipping envelopes that started life as limestone off-cuts from the building industry which were bound for landfill. They are turned into packaging using only renewable solar power, zero water, acid or bleaches while creating zero pollution and zero greenhouse emissions. These can be recycled with soft plastics, however, given a little time (approx. 12 months) and sunlight, they will return to the earth as dust.

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