All-in-1 Concentrate Recipes & Uses

Our All-in-1 Liquid Concentrate is so amazingly versatile, it can replace every cleaning product out there making it an economic choice for the whole home. 1 Litre of All-in-1 Concentrate = 20 x 500mls multi sprays (approx. $2.30 per bottle!!)

Use it concentrated on dishes and laundry, and diluted for bathrooms, surfaces, windows, mirrors and more. For stubborn stains on tile and grout you can make up the creamy cleanser recipe for an effortless deep clean.

A solution of two parts concentrate and three parts water creates a spray that can be used on all of your porcelain surfaces including toilets and bath tubs.

Rub a small amount of concentrate into stubborn stains on clothes before putting them in the wash and use the Laundry Cream recipe instead of detergent to leave clothes soft, fresh and clean.


Below are some super easy to make recipes which will dramatically change the way you clean your home and help you get the very most out of our All-in-1 Concentrate:


Multi Purpose Spray – for sanitising hard surfaces

Add to 500ml spray bottle

50mls of concentrate to 400mls water and shake to combine

Use on bench tops, whitegoods, stainless steel, safe and effective on all surfaces.

(1 litre bottle concentrate = 20 x 500ml multi purpose sprays!!)


General Purpose/Heavy Duty Cleaner – for deep cleaning

Add to 500ml squeeze bottle or spray bottle

– 200mls of concentrate to 300mls water and shake to combine

Use for cleaning stove, shower bay, toilet and all bathroom/porcelain surfaces

(1 litre bottle concentrate = 5 x 500ml toilet cleaners!!)


Floor Wash – Wet Dusting

In a small bucket

1/4 cup of concentrate to 3 litres of water.

Use as floor wash and or solution for wet dusting of all surfaces. Great for bench tops, stove, fridge, floors, stainless steel and safe for use on all surfaces.


Dish Washing Liquid- for hand washing dishes and in the dishwasher

Use undiluted for hand washing dishes – Squeeze generous amount into sink under running hot water.

Low suds formula safe for Auto dishwasher – Add 1/2 tablespoon to dishwasher dispenser


Laundry Cream – for general laundry (up to 60 washes):

Add 2 tablespoons Soda ash to 500ml All-in-1 Concentrate and 1-2 teaspoons of essential oils of choice (Lavender or Eucalytpus highly recommended). Whisk together to form a yogurt like consistency. Be careful not to over mix as the mixture will separate.

Front loader – 1/2 tablespoon to full soiled load

Top loader  – 1 tablespoon to full soiled load

For Hand washing wool and delicates – Add 1/4 cup of concentrate to 5 litres of water

Stain removal – Rub concentrate into stain and leave for at least 5 mins before washing


Window Cleaner Spray Recipe – for windows, glass and mirrors

1 cup of water

2 tablespoons of vinegar

1/4 tsp Multi purpose concentrate

Place the above ingredients into a small bowl and mix well. Pour into spray bottle.

Use on all glass surfaces


Creamy Cleanser Scrub Recipe – for the tough jobs

1/2 cup bicarb-soda

2 tablespoons of multi purpose concentrate

4 tablespoons of water

Place the above ingredients into a large jug and mix well. Pour into squeeze bottle. Always shake before use.

Great for the tougher cleaning jobs around the home. Abrasive but gentle on surfaces, will not scratch. Great on all porcelain surfaces, toilet, oven and removes soap scum on shower


Veggie Wash

Add 1 tablespoons of Concentrate to a bowll of water and dunk veggies into the water, wipe or scrub them over and then rinse well to remove any soapy water or residues.


Hands & Body Wash

Mild and gentle enough to use as hand soap or all over body wash. Can be diluted 50/50 but best results use undiluted.


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Got some more questions or other recipes you’d like to share?  Comment below or get in touch via our contact page. We are ready to help with any questions you may have! Happy cleaning!!

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